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Your support fuels critical conservation worldwide, cares for countless animals and plants at the Zoo and Safari Park, and offers hope to the world’s most extraordinary wildlife relying on us to survive — and thrive — each and every day.


rhino calf and mom

Monthly Giving

The recurring support of our monthly donors, also known as Wildlife Heroes, fuels critical conservation in San Diego and worldwide.

Wildlife Explorers Basecamp

Habitats at the San Diego Zoo

The new Wildlife Explorers Basecamp will become a special place of wonder, and inspire a passion for wildlife and conservation in visitors of all ages.

zuli and kaia at the Safari Park

Habitats at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Your generosity will transform Elephant Valley into the elephant habitat of the future and support critical conservation for these gentle giants worldwide.

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Legacy Giving

Your generous gift will ensure that San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance makes a difference for wildlife now and in the future.

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Employer Matching Gifts

Many companies will match their employees' and often retirees' contributions to San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, to aid in our conservation efforts to save wildlife worldwide.

Amur leopard cubs

Sponsorship and Licensing

Partnering with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance means that you will be associated with a leading conservation organization and one of the best-known zoos in the world.

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Foundation and Corporate Support

We appreciate contributions by foundations and grant-making corporations that fund our critical conservation work.

African lion in back of a Land Rover

Vehicle Donations

Make an impact locally and globally by donating your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV to help fuel our vision for the health of our planet and its wildlife.

ring-tailed lemur and baby

Memorials and Tributes

Memorial and tribute gifts create and maintain a living legacy. All gifts have a lasting impact, allowing us to continue our mission of saving species worldwide.

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Special Events

Join us for a magical evening of cocktails, gourmet dining, and animal friends at San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance's annual black-tie fund-raising gala Rendezvous In The Zoo (RITZ).



Ocelots enthusiastically support the mission of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance through active involvement and commitment to education and fund-raising.

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Donate your cryptocurrency today to make a difference for wildlife in San Diego and around the world.